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Gianna, the Great!

What would you do if you knew little of your family’s history? Who they are, where they came from, and why your family is where they are today?

If you’re like “Gianna the Great” you go in search for answers. Gianna, the young girl in the stories, explores every avenue open to her to find out more about her family. After reading Gianna the Great, and the other two books in the series, you and your child may ponder your own family history. I did just that and found this wonderful book, with its encouraging story, a big help as I searched my family history.

“Gianna the Great” is the first of three books written by author, Becky Villarreal. Gianna joins a after school history club and embarks on a journey to learn her family’s ancestry.

Book two, “Halito Gianna”, Gianna befriends the new girl, Aponi. She soon learns Aponi is Native American and speak Choctaw, but there is one amazing surprise for the two as they explore Aponi’s ancestry.

The final book in the series, “The Treasure Hunt,” Gianna helps her friend, Stephanie to learn about her ancestry.

Gianna by Becky Villarreal


I had the pleasure of meeting Becky Villarreal at a Dallas book signing. She is such a wonderful author and she brilliantly weaves a desire of learning family ancestry throughout each of the books. I highly recommend these books for all children. If you want to get an inspiring start in searching your family history, Gianna the Great is a fun and educational book to get you on your way.


Becky Villareal



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