Happy New Year!

Hi, Everyone!

Finally. The Christmas rush is over and we’re heading into a brand new year. I hope you are well and on your way to getting some much needed rest.

I’ve met so many wonderful people last year at book signings where you probably picked up a copy of one my books, Cautious Fred or Mama, Why Do Babies Cry?

I just want to thank you for supporting Amy Winfield Books – I’m passionate about giving children books that are both entertaining and educational, especially when it comes to being aware and having compassion in today’s world.

There’s a lot I have up my sleeves for 2019, but here’s a quick rundown:

I’ll be releasing Cautious Fred as an e-book in early 2019! I’ll be sure to remind you when that comes out, but until then…

Mama, Why Do Babies Cry? is already in e-book form, available right now on Amazon.com.

And the biggest one: I’ll be releasing a middle-grade novel in 2019, too! (It’s great for ages 8-13, but perfect for anyone who loves an awesome story.) I can’t tell you any more details on this one, since we want it all to be a great surprise when it first lands in your hands. Just trust us: it’s going to be really, really good.

For the major updates, we’ll post right here and send email reminders for those of you who have signed up. Until then, this is to say, “Thank You for creating a great 2018 with us. Let’s have an even better 2019.”

Happy New Year!!!!!


Amy Winfield (and family!)




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