The Brainwashing of Agent Big Butt – Unboxing!!!

For an author, one of the most exciting things about releasing a new book is being able to see and hold their book for the first time. It’s like holding a newborn baby…in my case, my book features an actual baby.

The other month, I finally got the chance to hold the newest edition in my Agent Big Butt series The Brainwashing of Agent Big Butt – Smell of Fear! In this thrilling addition to the series, our dear AB has been put under the control of the sinister Dr. Ian and has been wrecking a streak of havoc throughout the world.

This copy of Agent Big Butt is thanks to my wonderful distributor, IngramSpark. The quality of the physical book is absolutely wonderful – gorgeous colors, magnificent paper, and a well-constructed cover and spine. IngramSpark has always delivered quality books for me and I cannot thank them enough for their services.

Check out the TikTok I made below of me opening my book for the first time. And feel free to order a copy – after all, the best way to know something is quality is to hold it yourself!

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