Two Legends Meet!

For those following me on Tiktok, you may know that I recently took a lovely trip to Japan. It’s an absolutely beautiful country with very nice people – it was fun to see how many took a liking to my shirts displaying my books!

While visiting, I learned that Japan has its own derriere-themed superhero. But this time, his rear is not just his rear…it’s his face! The Butt Detective is a gentleman detective who solves mysteries with his dog partner! But his farting powers are less than gentlemanly. Still, he always manages to save the day and help his victims. Though the series has never been translated in English, thankfully my son who’s been studying Japanese has been helping where he can.

I decided to buy a copy at a bookstore near where I was staying and suddenly had the idea…what if this town is big enough for two butt-themed heroes?

And so, on my Tiktok, the fated day arrived where Agent Big Butt and the Butt Detective finally met. A moment so amazing, time seemed to slow, like it was stop-motion. Needless to say, the two instantly gained respect for each other and became best friends.

If you wish to see the wonderful meeting transpire, check out the Tiktok video below.

On my page, you can even find more videos regarding my adventures in Japan. Please enjoy!

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