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My love for stories began with…


Mrs. Winterspoon summoned Amy Winfield to the front of her class.
“Amy, I can’t quite hear you all the way in the back. Since you love to talk so much, please share your story with the rest of us.”

Amy looked at her snickering friends, trying to hide their faces behind their books. Amy walked up, the laughter bouncing off her back. Once up front, she followed the two big feet of Mrs. Winterspoon up to her snarling face.

“You may begin,” sneered old Winterspoon.

Amy swallowed. She turned and faced her third-grade class; nervousness buckled her knees. Shaking, she wrung her hands, then looked up. Suddenly, her body relaxed. She saw the story before her mouth could even tell it. She began with confidence.

“I woke one morning to dark skies…” The little ripples of laughter stopped cold.
“…it was as if the darkness had crept into my room and snatched me by the leg. I pulled at the covers, but it dragged me outside. I grabbed at the sidewalk, pebbles slipping through my fingers. Once outside, what I saw is something that has haunted me my entire life.” She took a step towards the class – everyone pulled back, fearing the words to come next. “I saw…”


Amy finished. The class sat quiet. Amy’s knees knocked – she felt faint. Out of the blue a wide-eyed girl shouted, “TELL US ANOTHER ONE, AMY!” Amy let her tears fall.
Mrs. Winterspoon now wore a huge smile. “Go on. Let’s hear one more.” And with a wink from Mrs. Winterspoon, Amy began.

That’s when Amy knew she was a storyteller.
Fast forward many years later, and now Amy still loves to tell stories. Amy Winfield is an author who loves to pen exciting tales.  To read some of her tall yarns, please check out her books!

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