I’m a featured guest of AGR Book Club!

Recently, I’ve gotten to know the wonderful Dr. Felicia Johnson-Lindsey and her group “A Good Read Book Club” or AGR. This group combines two tastes that we all enjoy – a good read and a good eat. In AGR Book Club, you’ll come across many fine authors, get introduced to their books, interact with friendly and interesting members, and see many tasty recipes for a refined dinner or a good drink to keep you company as you’re engrossed in a page turner!

Dr. Johnson-Lindsey and her group have recently extended the invitation for me to join their group not just as a member but as one of their featured authors. I was extremely flattered by their offer, and immediately said yes and even recorded a video for them introducing myself to the group! To see that introduction, check out the video below!

To see more interesting videos from either AGR Book Club or Amy Winfield herself, check out our TikTok pages!

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