Amy Winfield

Amy Winfield

Touching Hearts, Inspiring Minds

About Amy

Interesting facts…

  • Loves art and the beauty in nature.
  • Licensed Commercial Interior Designer
  • Quiet, but can be feisty
  • Not a fan of bullies – stepped in to defend those who were too afraid to defend themselves.
  • Loves to travel… goal – to visit every continent at least once. So far visited – North America, Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia. Recently, travelled to Japan.
  • Hiked up Mount Montserrat in Barcelona, Spain
  • Finished the running with the Whales Marathon in Maui
  • Surprised by husband’s marriage proposal during the play Holy Matrimony.
  • Honeymooned in Cancun
  • Vegan for over 22 years and counting
  • Worked as Art Director/Editor on the short film, Next.
  • Enjoys meeting people and learning their passions and interesting facts. 

She is currently working on a picture book and two novels. Updates about these projects can be found at Amy News!