Cautious Fred

Cautious Fred

by Amy Winfield (Author), Katlego Kgabale (Illustrator)

Published June 23, 2019

Cautious Fred is a great tool to teach your child how to be smart and aware in new social situations, in a non-threatening, easy-to-read and entertaining, colorful story.

The perfect book to approach one of the hardest conversations with children: how to be safe around strangers.

Cautious Fred is the rhyming story of Freddy, a little green frog walking home from school through a thick, eerie bog. Along the way, he meets a crafty croc, a sneaky snake, a beautiful but sharp-clawed lizard, and other suspicious creatures. With his mother’s advice ringing in his ears, Freddy must remember to stay safe as he makes his way home.

Designed to teach children how to be cautious when they are by themselves – whether walking to and from school, their friend’s houses, or joining us for errands – Cautious Fred is the perfect empowerment tool to increase your child’s situational awareness and trust in their own intuition, all in an entertaining, colorful story.

Available in e-book, hardcover and paperback. Cautious Fred is recommended by personal safety organization Pretty Loaded and is highly rated by countless moms and dads!


Amy Winfield

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My most rewarding moment was when I discovered that stories have the ability to inspire. I was fortunate to learn my passion for telling stories at very young age.

As a mother of two, I love to feed children’s minds with powerful images that uncover the beauty in the world and warn them to be cautious of the bad. I am a children’s book author that pens exciting tales for toddlers, kids and preteens.

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