Erased 1 book cover

Erased 1

by Amy Winfield (Author), Anastasiia Andreieva (Illustrator)

Published February 22, 2021

Have you ever read a story where the character is running away from the illustrator?

You are able to read this book because you exist. Every creature – whether big or small, fat or thin, beautiful or ugly – wants to exist. But H’s illustrator took one look at him and said, ‘Ugh, I don’t like it. I’ll erase it.’

But H wants to get to the end of the story. With your help, he can make it. Will you help him reach the end of this book? You will? Thank you!

Oh, one more thing – keep your eyes open for the illustrator. She’s very sneaky. Ready? Let’s begin.




Amy Winfield

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My most rewarding moment was when I discovered that stories have the ability to inspire. I was fortunate to learn my passion for telling stories at very young age.

As a mother of two, I love to feed children’s minds with powerful images that uncover the beauty in the world and warn them to be cautious of the bad. I am a children’s book author that pens exciting tales for toddlers, kids and preteens.

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