Not-Yo-Cheeze book cover


by Amy Winfield (Author), Thiago Neumann (Illustrator), Alexandria Sewell (Editor)

Published ‎ November 20, 2020

Proprietors Tone and Cheddar Chessman race to save their small town from an incoming threat.

No one ever said life was easy. Tone Provolone and Cheddar Chessman can attest to that. Their struggling shop – the Cheese-Ah-Breeze – is starved for customers and tormented by the stinking-rich Limburger, the big cheese of the town and their biggest rival. They seem destined for failure, until they encounter Vinnie Gouda, a young mouse looking to belong; Mrs. Asiago, a shabby old mouse with a heart of gold; Swiss Never Miss, a teen mouse with the perfect aim; and Fontina Dante, who’s in search of leisurely travel, but finds a hunk – and it’s not cheese – that melts her heart.

This new motley crew of characters slowly turns their lives around for the better. But they shouldn’t celebrate just yet, because something is rotten just outside their town of Cheeseton, Wisconsin. It lurks in the darkness, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

From the storyteller who brought us The Birth of Agent Big Butt: Butt of Steel, Heart of Gold comes another heart-warming classic, a delectable, cheese-filled tale ripe with adventure, mystery, and lessons on the power of friendship.


Amy Winfield

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My most rewarding moment was when I discovered that stories have the ability to inspire. I was fortunate to learn my passion for telling stories at very young age.

As a mother of two, I love to feed children’s minds with powerful images that uncover the beauty in the world and warn them to be cautious of the bad. I am a children’s book author that pens exciting tales for toddlers, kids and preteens.

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