The Birth of Agent Big Butt book cover

The Birth of Agent Big Butt

by Amy Winfield (Author), Tom McWeeney (Illustrator), Alexandria Sewell (Editor)

Published November 4, 2019

(The Agent Big Butt Series Book 1)

From the mind of Amy Winfield comes the charming story of a very special baby (And it’s not just because of his butt…)

When the Flatbottoms rushed to the hospital on the night of their baby’s birth, they never expected the apple to fall so far from the tree. Their newborn’s enormous butt is as hard as steel and packed with an array of explosive farts that can defeat any adversary. His superpowers have also attracted the attention of a crazed, evil doctor, who relentlessly seeks to discover the secret behind his ultra-powerful butt.

With a wild doctor pursuing him, this walking, talking newborn – known as Agent Big Butt – has to navigate the life of a superhero while dealing with newfound fame, going to school, making friends and defeating bullies, all before his first birthday.




Amy Winfield

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My most rewarding moment was when I discovered that stories have the ability to inspire. I was fortunate to learn my passion for telling stories at very young age.

As a mother of two, I love to feed children’s minds with powerful images that uncover the beauty in the world and warn them to be cautious of the bad. I am a children’s book author that pens exciting tales for toddlers, kids and preteens.

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