The Brainwashing of Agent Big Butt

by Amy Winfield (Author), Tom McWeeney (Illustrator), Alexandria Sewell (Editor)

Published March 12, 2023


Agent Big Butt has been brainwashed by the evil Dr. Ian. What do you do when the hero becomes a villain?

Gigantic purple-black clouds are spreading throughout the country, swallowing up whole towns with its terrible stink. People are boarding up their homes, keeping their pets inside. The streets are littered with passed out people, people who didn’t heed the warnings and dared to venture outside. Because of this cloud of funk, it’s difficult to see, impossible to breathe, gas masks melt from the smell, and the odor is worse than one of AB’s normal farts, 100 billion times worse. If these fart clouds are not stopped, they will spread across the world. If that happens, life as we know it will end.

But AB didn’t let these atomic farts loose, not technically. Dr. Ian brainwashed him into using his powers for evil. Now the government has named AB public enemy number one.

Will AB’s family and friends be able to wash his brain clean (maybe check his pants too, guys) and get their agent back?

What do you do when the hero becomes a villain?




Amy Winfield

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