Unbearable Book Cover


by Amy Winfield (Author), Thiago Neumann (Illustrator), Alexandria Sewell (Editor)

Published January 23, 2022

A boy and a bear form an unlikely pair.

From Amy Winfield comes a heart-wrenching story for the ages. UNBEARABLE follows Smokey, an ill-tempered, wisecracking black bear – equipped with only his wits – who must help Brandon, a lost 10 year-old boy, get safely home. But the challenges of the deep woods – deadly snakes, poisonous berries, and bloodthirsty hunters – have the deck stacked against them. As this unlikely pair learns each other’s worlds, will their newfound friendship survive their oncoming collision?


Amy Winfield

About Amy

Touching Hearts, Inspiring Minds

My most rewarding moment was when I discovered that stories have the ability to inspire. I was fortunate to learn my passion for telling stories at very young age.

As a mother of two, I love to feed children’s minds with powerful images that uncover the beauty in the world and warn them to be cautious of the bad. I am a children’s book author that pens exciting tales for toddlers, kids and preteens.

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