I’m a featured guest of AGR Book Club!

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Recently, I’ve gotten to know the wonderful Dr. Felicia Johnson-Lindsey and her group “A Good Read Book Club” or AGR. This group combines two tastes that we all enjoy – a good read and a good eat. In AGR Book Club, you’ll come across many fine authors, get introduced to their books, interact with friendly and […]

Amy’s Story

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My love for stories began with… “Amy!” Mrs. Winterspoon summoned Amy Winfield to the front of her class. “Amy, I can’t quite hear you all the way in the back. Since you love to talk so much, please share your story with the rest of us.” Amy looked at her snickering friends, trying to hide […]

We Won Best in Show at the eBookFairs!


Entering into a contest is always a nerve-wracking experience. The submission process, watching your book compete with others, watching the votes come in, wondering if you’ll make to the top… It’s an experience every creator, especially authors come across in their lifetime. I felt that experience myself last week when I submitted by book Unbearable in […]

Two Legends Meet!

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For those following me on Tiktok, you may know that I recently took a lovely trip to Japan. It’s an absolutely beautiful country with very nice people – it was fun to see how many took a liking to my shirts displaying my books! While visiting, I learned that Japan has its own derriere-themed superhero. […]

The Brainwashing of Agent Big Butt – Unboxing!!!

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For an author, one of the most exciting things about releasing a new book is being able to see and hold their book for the first time. It’s like holding a newborn baby…in my case, my book features an actual baby. The other month, I finally got the chance to hold the newest edition in […]

The Birth of Agent Big Butt

The Birth of Agent Big Butt - Book Cover

It’s here! It’s time! I’m so glad to finally announce… MY FIRST MIDDLE-GRADE NOVEL         Here’s a link to the e-book, which is FREE Nov. 7th and 8th (2019)!   So…what’s it about? Read about it below! — When the Flatbottoms rushed to the hospital on the night of their baby’s birth, […]

Happy New Year!

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Hi, Everyone! Finally. The Christmas rush is over and we’re heading into a brand new year. I hope you are well and on your way to getting some much needed rest. I’ve met so many wonderful people last year at book signings where you probably picked up a copy of one my books, Cautious Fred […]

Gianna, The Great – (Author Corner)

Gianna by Becky Villarreal

Gianna, the Great! What would you do if you knew little of your family’s history? Who they are, where they came from, and why your family is where they are today? If you’re like “Gianna the Great” you go in search for answers. Gianna, the young girl in the stories, explores every avenue open to […]

Amy’s Book Signing Dates

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    Join me in February (and March) for book signings in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. I will showcase my newest book “Cautious Fred” and will have copies of my book, “Mama, Why Do Babies Cry?” You can get a copy of each book and I will personally sign the books. Look for […]

Welcome 2018! A New Year…New Beginnings…Exciting Times!!!

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                    I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I also want to thank each of you that joined us on our journey to produce and publish life changing stories. 2017 was a great ride – we had a successful Kickstarter campaign, backers on Indiegogo, and […]