What Is It About?

Amy Winfield Books

  So…I bet you’re all wondering…what’s this book about in the first place? Before I answer that, let’s get a little backstory first. You see, as a mom of two, I care about my children’s safety, just like any parent does. But one day, my husband told me a story that made a light bulb […]

A New Journey Has Begun (Sneak Peek Included!)

Fred12 2

When I first had the idea to launch a Kickstarter, I found a lot of good advice, but without fail, every one has said one thing: it’s hard work. And they weren’t joking! Sleepless nights and countless edits have gone into this project. But so far, this has been a wonderful journey, and I want […]

Official Kickstarter Annoucement!


Once upon a time, there was an author who was launching a Kickstarter for her new children’s book… Wow. I can’t believe I get to finally tell you all the good news. You see, for a very, very long time, I’ve been working on something special. I’m launching a Kickstarter! My family and I have […]

A Child’s Imagination In Chains

Imagine - A Child's Imagination In Chains

Imagination… When you were a child, what did you imagine? Did you imagine fighting dragons or flying like Supergirl? I’m sure what you imagined was beautiful but it was nowhere as beautiful as the freedom you had to imagine. As a parent, I’m concerned about what my children read, but I would be more concerned […]

Mama, Why Do Baby’s Cry? – Now on Amazon

Mama, Why Do Babies Cry? book cover

Comes the Charming New Picture Book That Answers One of Children’s Most Interesting Questions… As a mother tucks in her young daughter for the night, the girl looks up and asks, “Mama, why do babies cry?” What follows is the colorful, adorable journey of the many answers why. This easy-to-read story is the perfect book […]