AB Found a New Home (Fan Mail!!!)

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Receiving mail or pictures of my readers enjoying one of my books is always a pleasure to receive, and today is no different! Recently, one of my fans and his family reached out to me with this picture! I’m glad to see AB has found a new home for Christmas! Our favorite hero is also […]

New Amy Winfield 40% Off Book Sale!!!

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Who doesn’t love a sale on books? I know I certainly do. And I especially love it when my books are part of a sale! Recently, Kobo announced a VIP 40% off sale and gave me the wonderful opportunity to have my books Unbearable, Not-Yo-Cheeze, and even the first book of my flagship series The Birth of […]

Author Interviews AB!

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Recently, Amy Winfield sat down with AB, the main character from her book, THE BIRTH OF AGENT BIG BUTT: BUTT OF STEEL, HEART OF GOLD. The interview took place in a park while AB sat at the top of a slide. Amy Winfield: Hi, AB. How are you? AB: This slide is a little narrow. […]

Two Legends Meet!

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For those following me on Tiktok, you may know that I recently took a lovely trip to Japan. It’s an absolutely beautiful country with very nice people – it was fun to see how many took a liking to my shirts displaying my books! While visiting, I learned that Japan has its own derriere-themed superhero. […]

The Brainwashing of Agent Big Butt – Unboxing!!!

Book 3 The Brainwashing of Agent Big Butt 1

For an author, one of the most exciting things about releasing a new book is being able to see and hold their book for the first time. It’s like holding a newborn baby…in my case, my book features an actual baby. The other month, I finally got the chance to hold the newest edition in […]